ICT Academy


The mission of ICT Academy of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering is to transfer modern high tech knowledge in the field of ICT to users in order to elevate capabilities of users, institutions and other systems from our surroundings for efficient use of these technologies.

Participants can achieve all the necessary expert skills through selected courses connected to their previous formal education, in order to gain internationally recognized certificates.


ICT Academy was founded as local CISCO academy in July 2004. All activities during that period were coordinated by Prof. Slavko Marić. The courses based on CISCO CCNA started in September 2004. In 2008 CISCO Academy completed all the necessary preparations and submitted the application for organizing complex CISCO CCNP courses for professionals in the field of network technologies. After fulfillment of all conditions and registration, the Academy conducts trainings since 2009 following this most complex CISCO CCNP program, and since 2011 the training is also conducted following CISCO CCNA Security program. Since September 2010 the Academy also includes specialized Linux courses, therefore changing its name to ICT Academy. Since September 2011 specialized education in programming (two Java courses) is also introduced. The classes are conducted under supervision of Prof. Zoran Đurić.

The Academy coordinator since beginning is Prof. Slavko Marić.


During nine year long period of its activities, ICT Academy achieved the reputation of professional and highly capable academy. The academy is determined to deliver and transfer its know-how to participants, with the help of expert instructors, adequate equipment, space and administrative services. Up until today, over 500 participants enrolled in the academy with more than 90% success rate. The academy received prestigious award from CISCO institution: at a regional conference of CISCO instructors “NetAcad Excellence 2012” our CISCO Academy was proclaimed the best CISCO academy in the region of Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and Commonwealth of Independent States, in category of most demanding CISCO CCNP courses. This acknowledgment is even more significant given the competition of 1818 CISCO academies from 30 countries.

 More information about Academy and active courses here.