First Study Cycle

Study process at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Banja Luka, is organized on three study programs:

Study duration

First study cycle on all study programs lasts 4 years (8 semesters).

Acquired title

Upon completing the first study cycle at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, students receive 240 ECTS credits and the title Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (240 ECTS).

Requirements for study program enrolment

All candidates who finished a 4-year high school in Republic of Srpska, Brčko District and Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina can apply to the study programs at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. Candidates who completed their high school education abroad (except in the Republic of Serbia) must validate their study certificate or diploma in accordance with procedures determined by Ministry of Education and Culture of Republic of Srpska.

Following the criteria and procedures determined by the University Senate, classification and selection of candidates for this study program is based on success during previous education and qualification exam results.

Grading system

In accordance with the University Statute, students are evaluated with grades 5-10. Passing grades are 6-10:

  • 10 – excellent-exceptional (91-100 points),
  • 9 – excellent (81-90 points),
  • 8 – very good (71-80 points),
  • 7 – good (61-70 points),
  • 6 – sufficient (51-60 points) and
  • 5 – insufficient (0-50 points).


Advancement requirements

Students can advance to the next study year once they acquire 60 ECTS credits in the current study year.

Study completion requirements

Students complete their studies once they meet all the requirements of a study program within 240 ECTS credits.

International mobility

Faculty of Electrical Engineering participates in international student exchange programs such as Erasmus+ (, but also in projects of bilateral cooperation that include student exchange with program countries. Through these programs students gain opportunity to study abroad for a certain time period in HEI of their preference. Upon returning to their home institution, students can have all their results and accomplishments achieved during mobility period recognized, including exchange period, passed exams, ECTS credits and grades.

Continuation of study

Bachelors of science who completed the first study cycle can continue their studies on the second study cycle, in accordance with enrolment conditions of each study program.