Student Organizations

Student organizing is crucial part of student life. It is a process that enables students to ensure their rights and interests, quality of study process, student standard, and realizing their rights in other important matters. There are various forms of student organizing at the University of Banja Luka, such as student representative bodies, vocational organizations or student’s unions.Two most important student bodies of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering are Students’ Union and Student Parliament. Students of the faculty have three representatives in Student Parliament who protect and represent student’s interests.  


Electrical Engineering STudents’European association is an organization of students of electrical engineering from European universities, institutes or technical schools. Since April 2004 at the EESTEC Congress in Belgrade, the organization’s local committee in Banja Luka has been accepted as a full-time member. The committee is registered as a non-profit organization with generous financial support of the faculty. The organization is located at the faculty where it organizes Soft Skills Academy and various ICT related workshops (Linux Days, World of Networks etc.)


The Students’ Union is seen as a base station on the road of students’ organizing. Primary task of Students’ Union and its sections and management lead and represent in full capacity interests and rights of the faculty’s students, both locally and elsewhere.Students of the faculty have their representatives in Academic Council and they participate in faculty’s affairs in all levels of decision making. Union’s secondary function is internal and external communication, improvement of students’ standard, education and preparation for student contest “Elektrijada”. It should be stated that our students achieve noteworthy results, both in athletic activities and science contests.

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Student Tech Club (STC) of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering began as an idea of representatives of Microsoft Student Partner program. The main objective of this user group is to bring together talented students eager for IT training found not only at the faculty. In the past 4 years of STC’s existence, several lectures were held by top IT experts: Spaso Lazarević (MVP for C#), Tomislav Bronzin (MVP for Office 365 and regional director of Microsoft Croatia), Enis Šahinović (Microsoft BiH) and Radenko Zec (Lanaco).

Microsoft Student Partner program is globally oriented, which means that students from around the world may apply at their home institution (faculty). The only condition is that it must be a technical faculty. Benefits of this program are substantial: access to free study tools and resources, attendance to all regional Microsoft conferences, new acquaintances in IT world, business opportunities etc. It is also possible to apply at our faculty by contacting representatives of Microsoft Student Partner program.

Detailed information is available on our official presentation and our Facebook page